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How To Use Micropipette Tip


How To Use Micropipette Tip. Insert the tip of the micropipette firmly into a plastic tip. Choose the correct tip size.

10 Tips For Buying A Micropipette Micropipette
10 Tips For Buying A Micropipette Micropipette from

A microbiology laboratory testing industrial products may also use micropipette tips to dispense its testing products. To join the tip to the pole of the micropipette, position the micropipette shaft into the tip and firmly press down and then remove the micropipette with the tip being attached. Pipette tips are made of polypropylene and are clear to allow for easy view of the tips.

Choose The Correct Tip Size.

Attach the tip by inserting the shaft of the micropipette into the tip and pressing down firmly (figure on right). Use blue tips for p1000 pipettes and clear tips for p200 and all smaller sizes. Open the box without touching the tips with your hands.

The Eject Button Is Used To Eject The Tip From The Micropipette Without Touching The Micropipette Tip.

P1000 pipettes use the large, blue tips ! Note that this micropipette reads milliliters while the other two read microliters. This should produce an airtight seal between the tip and the shaft of the micropipette.

Eject Your Used Micropipette Tip Into A Waste Container By Pressing On The Micropipette Tip Ejector Button.

When the piston is pressed downwards, the air within the sleeve of the micropipette gets expelled out due to the force of which the liquid present in the micropipettes tip also gets removed. On the body of the micropipette is a small vertical window with three numbers. Close the tip box without touching the tips.

P2 Pipettes Use The Clear Tips 2.

Close the tip box to maintain sterility. A plunger is the topmost part of the micropipette which is used to expel and take up the desired amount of liquid into micropipette tip. There’s a zero in the thousands place, a 3 in the hundreds place, and a 7 in.

Replace The Lid Of The Tip Box To Keep The Remaining Tips Sterile.

Please be careful when touching box or tips not to contaminate them. Close the tip box to maintain sterility. The measuring ranges for the micropipettes most frequently used are:

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