Use a Laptop Cooler Pad

Some laptops run pretty hot. As they have gotten more powerful and smaller during the years, this should not be a surprise as they use more power yet have less space to disperse heat, and not all the power is used efficiently. Nothing is 100% efficient and some power is dispersed as heat, so they run much hotter than they used to. This is especially the case if you are using one constantly with lots of activity including banging on the keyboard, which will case lots of disk activity etc.

They can become pretty warm to the touch. I have one that is downright uncomfortable to have laptop cooling pad reviews sitting on your lap when it’s under heavy use for example. I always use it with a laptop cooler pad! And as hot as a laptop feels, it’s certainly much hotter inside, and this heat can lead to problems long term such as motherboard failure or hard drive crashing and dying. If you can keep your computer cooler it is far better for it. Other than maybe using your laptop outside in New England in the winter, not very practical for most, what can you do to cool it down?

One option is using a cooler pad. This is pad your laptop sits on that has one or more fans to cool it down. Most plug into a USB port for power. Make sure you have one of these if you will use it on the go, although AC powered units are fine for stationary use. Some are best for desktop use, while others are just fine as a laptop desk or platform. They’ll often drop the inside temperature by 10 degrees Fahrenheit or more, an enormous amount. You will certainly feel the laptop is cooler, especially around the keyboard, which is usually where you have the most contact with one.

Check out the prices and features of a few models. More expensive is not necessarily better although durable is certainly an issue. Most will last 6 to 9 months, maybe more or less, if you carry them around with you. I suggest checking online reviews especially for a first time purchase. Also make sure it fits the size of your laptop as they d come in widely differing sizes. I suggest you periodically dust the fan vents for increased life. They do tend to gather duct. Compressed air is very useful for cleaning them out. What do they cost? Usually you can find a variety


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