Unlocking the Same Old Lock!

Locksmithing is a historical process of unlocking sturdiest of locks. History is beyond our thinking and insight. The oldest lock was found in the realms of Egypt and archeologists proclaim it to be 4000 years old. The procedure has two entities, a lock and key. A lock can be defined as a method of protecting any assets such as vaults, cabinets, rooms and even buildings. Key on the other hand is another mechanism which is used to unlock a lock. Every lock has one only specific key. This ancient method is still employed for security purpose in every field and even the sci-fi 21st century cannot ignore this conventional mechanism.

The word locksmithing can be broken into two words, lock and smith. Smith refers to the forging of metal pieces and giving it a shape and a lock is a logic which safeguards anything. So, if the two words are concatenated then we get the word locksmith or the process of accumulating and crafting locks and its corresponding keys. Locksmithing has been a great invention rather breakthrough for mankind. We often ignore its importance as it is utilized in nominal part of our surroundings. The past suggest that locksmiths are the ones who used to work for hours spending all day and night to design a new lock.


Everything was done manually from the cutting of metal to shaping of the key. But now things have changed as humans are just making the design while machines are doing all the cutting and shaping of the locks and the keys. There are experts rather engineers who design and frame the attributes of the lock and machines are used to shape it into reality. The market shares a monopoly as international brands have total command over the market.

This mechanism has been utilized in every field. From houses, to automobiles, even to electronics etc. the same theory is employed everywhere. For an instance, you have the IT world, were security is given prime importance as a lot of illegal hacking has become common. So, to safeguard the data and stop all such illegal operations security experts followed the same old methodology i.e. locksmiths. Now, if you buy a software DVD you will find a key, when you enter into a network you have to enter the network key and even when you start windows you have to enter the password which is nothing but an implementation of this old theory. The locks have changed and the key too but the theory or the concept remains the same.

If someone is seeking for a career in this field then he/she should opt for the higher niche and should go for engineering. Security pays a lot and considering that if a person holds the master locksmiths tag then he is earning big time. These careers are totally depended on the niche and on the echelon of the work. If the work is sophisticated then lifestyle will automatically become sophisticated. Though time has changed, thinking has changed but the truth remains the same.

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