The Taj Hotel, Dubai – A Review

The Taj group is India’s premier Hotel chain. It has its presence in all parts of India. It also has the distinction of setting up the first five star hotel in India at Mumbai-the Taj Mahal Hotel. The group has now ventured out of India and has set up a luxury hotel at Dubai. The hotel has carved a niche for itself and is located 2 km from the airport at Dubai.

The Taj Palace Dubai Hotel has a vantage location and staying there gives you easy access to some of the important entertainment and business centers of Dubai. As a bonus even the Dubai Exhibition Center and Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center are also nearby and can be easily accessed by the hotel residents.

The Taj group is run by the Indian hotels company which is listed on the Mumbai stock exchange The hotel lives up to the name of the Taj Group and brings with a reputation of impeccable service by its staff. The hotel also is well endowed with all amenities that a hotel guest may need.

The hotel is not inordinately large and can be considered a quad biking middle level hotel. It has 147 executive rooms and 10 executive suits along with 2 Royal suites. These accommodations are luxuriously furnished and can be a delight to a hotel resident. In addition each room has a balcony and measures 61 sq meters, which makes the rooms among the largest in Dubai.

In addition the hotel also offers 90 deluxe fully furnished apartments. People who come for a longer stay can very well stay in these apartments., These apartments have all the Hall mark of the Taj group and are ideal for visitors who desire a longer stay. They can be classified as home away from home. The service apartments also come with a fully operational kitchen as well have a room also for your maid or servant.

The Taj follows the policy of the group and integrates with the local culture. As an example the Dubai Taj has a ballroom which is shaped like an Arabic tent. The tent is the hall mark of the Dubai desert and the Nomads who once roamed there. Thus a stay at the Taj in Dubai can be a rewarding experience as the group brings with it a record of great service coupled with local culture, that will put the hotel resident at ease.

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