Slate and Tile Roofing Trouble for Homeowners

There isn’t any economical style of roof that compares to the clean, smooth appearance of slate, with the exception of clay tiles. A slate roof is distinctive from common asphalt roofs. Although much safer than asphalt roofs in fire-prone areas, slate and tile roofs do require more maintenance, with issues varying from minor and affordable to severe and pricey. Find out about common issues and stop these from becoming serious issues that require your entire roof to be repaired or replaced.

Clay roofing tiles possess a modern appearance and are generally appropriate for Mission, Italian, or Northwestern style houses. Site: They last for decades and have a large variety of choices and appearances. Watch out for ones with color only around the tile surface, making the tile color prone to diminishing.

In spite of their advantages, it is difficult for homeowners to install clay tiles themselves. Installing material that has greater weight but is also easily breakable is not a simple process. It is a smarter move to utilize a roofing professional that has experience coping with tile.

Tiles produced from concrete are also an effective type of roof style. The key is to employ fiber to increase the lifespan and beauty of these types of tiles. They are less expensive than clay tiles but have a very similar look and feel.

Composite roofing tile is another alternative to clay tile. It is much lighter, so it does not require as much reinforcement as a tile roof would, and is much cheaper to ship (lowering the overall cost.) It is made of Polyethylene, which lasts longer than clay or asphalt, Composite tile is much less fragile and can handle workmen walking across it. Composite tile is also a green roofing product, as it is completely recyclable after it is replaced. It can also withstand much harsher weather conditions than tile or concrete.

A slate roof is composed of slivers of rock created into shingles, bringing an elegant, clean look to your home in a variety of styles and colors. They are easy to take care of, are safer than asphalt if you have a fireplace, and they have a lengthy lifespan. It’s also not susceptible to decaying or bugs. However, it is also very heavy therefore if the rooftop isn’t strengthened sufficiently, structural issues may result. You also have to be careful when doing any maintenance around the roof, since the tiles are more fragile than asphalt and more easily damaged.

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