Best gyms in Gainesville Florida


Top Places to Work out in Gainesville & Alachua County

The Gainesville area has plenty of incredible opportunities to work out and get active. With a range of gyms and exercise studios like yoga studios, cross-fit gyms, and more, you can find a place that suits you easily. In the list below, get a taste of the diversity Gainesville and Alachua County have to offer people looking to get fit.

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OrangeTheory Fitness

OrangeTheory Fitness is a national fitness company that offers rewarding exercises for all members. Every day, members are treated to unique workouts focused on a core fitness area. The classes all last an hour, and they are led by trainers accompanied by music. The classes are designed for all fitness levels with different options for every person that is set to your pace.

Members have commented on the great workouts, knowledgeable coaches, friendly staff, and diversity in exercises.

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Barre Forte

Barre Forte is Gainesville’s first barre studio with classes for barre forte, barre-bata, yoga, and Pilates. The barre forte exercises work on defining legs and glutes and toning the upper body and core. Barre-bata combines interval training with barre exercises and additional cardio for a stronger burn. The yoga is open to all levels, and the Pilates class focuses on building flexibility and strength. With Pilates, you can look to improve your posture, stability, and physical and mental strength.

Members commented on feeling stronger, more confident, and more flexible, the personable instructors, and the life-changing community feel.

Find a home near Barre Forte in the Rustlewood, Kensington Park, or Las Pampas neighborhoods.

B3 Gym

B3 is not just a gym. They also provide personal training, CrossFit training, group training, boot camps, and nutrition education. When you start at B3, you will be paired with a coach who will show you around the gym, learn about your history and get a fitness assessment, and build a program that best fits your schedule and goals. FitStart classes focus on basic technique, warmup, and exercises. The Crossfit program accommodates any skill level, and the Bootcamp offers a fun fitness opportunity for friends.

Members commented on the inclusive atmosphere, challenging workouts, friendly coaches, events, and competitions.

Find a home near the B3 Gym in the Stephen Foster, Pine Park, and Gateway Park neighborhoods.

Axis Training Studio

Axis Training Studio is a personal training studio that evaluates members with fitness assessments, flexibility tests, and more to set them up with a program. They also help with education and behavioral change. They offer personal training, group training, and massage therapy. Additionally, they can develop plans for people who don’t even live in the area and do orthopedic evaluations.

Members said the team takes great pride in their goals, the small sessions are rigorous and rewarding, and they feel stronger and more energetic.

Find a home near Axis Training Studio in the Rustlewood, Kensington Park, and Las Pampas neighborhoods.

Zen Fitness

Zen Fitness is another personal training studio that also uses nutrition along with trainers. The training offered also includes small group training classes, yoga, and jiu-jitsu. You can also train online. They attribute part of their success to the emphasis they place on a healthy diet. When you start, they will perform a fitness assessment, determine your goals, teach you about nutrition with cooking lessons and shopping tours, and then start challenging workouts.

Members have said they were able to start exercising more and eating healthier, they felt their needs were met, and they love their trainers.

Find a home near Zen Fitness in the Kensington Park, Rosemont-Vista Palms, and Appletree neighborhoods.

Sweet Life Fitness

Sweet Life Fitness is a fitness studio with one-on-one personal training, small group personal training, boot camp classes, sport-specific clinics, behavioral medicine, weight loss programs, and educational seminars. Personal training classes can be done in teams or one-on-one and include various programs, progress reports, and more. Sweet Life Fitness offers two classes: Super Circuit which uses equipment and Kinstretch which focuses on function and performance.

Members have mentioned they lost a lot of weight, they have fun in their classes, and the trainers work well with members.

Find a home near Sweet Life Fitness in the Tioga, Haile Plantation, and Durant Estates neighborhoods.

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