Activities To Get You and Your Kid

The winter has felt so long and I am so happy summer is finally here and we can get out int he open air and romp in the sun.We just went out and got some shovels, sand molds and sifters for the children. Whenever the kids get bored with the sandbox we’ll bury things in it for them to find such as cars, trucks, even cups and stones seem to be amusing.

Our kids loved walking on the cement sides in parking lots so we constructed an obstacle course of balance beams. The beams go up and down and go round and round and everything. We just purchased a 5 or 6 cheap 2×3’s and 2×4’s from Lowes and had them cut divided into stroller wagon for big kids assorted lengths including a several 10 inch lengths for the bottom. Then we bought some L-Brackets and 1 1/2″ wood screws to put it all together. I believe in all we spent $25-30. On the other hand, because we don’t have much concrete we also got a big piece of plywood. The chalk doesn’t draw as brightly on the plywood but it does work well enough and the kids truly adore it.

My mother loves to spoil our children and so she purchased each of them a Little Tikes trike that will grow with them. The trikes don’t get played with as frequently as other toys but it is chiefly because there is not much concrete to ride them on. Nevertheless, the boys love to take walks only instead of riding in the stroller they now persist on riding their Little Tikes trikes. Every once in a while we will go to the park so they can ride around on the basketball courts.

My husband and I got one of those huge garden wagons from Target and despite the fact it was purchased for me to use in my gardening and diy projects the children enjoy it and have all but taken it over. They’ll put all their stuffed animals in it and take them on a tour of the backyard or they enjoy filling it with blankets and just relaxing in it while drinking their milk. garden and made the decision to get a heavy duty wagon to move around compost, firewood, tools, fencing for beans and peas, and so much more. Anyways this wagon of mine has ended up being a toy that the kids bicker over. They always want to place stuffed animals in it, chill out drinking milk or giving one another rides. If you don’t want a garden wagon, I’m confident a simple child’s wagon will be just as fun for your child.

My final suggestion is to bring the indoors outdoors.. What I mean is that an toy that your child does inside might inspire them out in the open air.| Or in other words, something that you usually only do inside or think of as an inside activity, then take it outdoors; do it in the driveway or grass, just do it outside. Painting, coloring, puzzles, cars, a train track are all exceptional ideas, or maybe even an arts and craft activity.


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